The Invitation Core Ministry Team

The Invitation can’t grow in a vacuum. We need you along the journey with us, to pray, collaborate, and to extend the invitation of Jesus to others to go deeper in their relationship with God.

Spiritual Friendship

As a member of the Core Ministry Team, you’ll receive regular emails and short videos with updates that show you how to give thanks for what God is doing through the Invitation and what to pray for. As you are led and able, you will also know how to financially support the Invitation.

Informed Prayer and financial support

If you are familiar with the Invitation, you’ll be actively finding ways to help others near you create time and space for God.

In your “neighborhood”

Core Ministry Team Video No. 1 - An Invitation to the Invitation

The Invitation Podcast is now a nonprofit. Its mission is to create time and space for God through a practice of spiritual direction that is invigorated by the movements of the Holy Spirit in a prison. You are invited to become a member of the core ministry team.

Core Ministry Team Video No. 2 - Take a Closer Look

Many people know and love me. They may have heard something about spiritual direction, a podcast, or serving in a prison. Here I ask you to take a closer, deeper look at what the Spirit is doing through these things as the Invitation become a nonprofit.

Core Ministry Team Video No. 3 - Building Literal & Spiritual Foundations

Literal and spiritual foundations are being set as the Invitation becomes a nonprofit. We need you to be a part of this foundation.

Core Ministry Team Video No. 4 - Prisoners & Pastors

Prisoners and Pastors both share an experience of confinement. Ironically we discover freedom by narrowing ourselves to God, by limiting ourselves to love. Prisoners have much to teach us about being free even while trapped in confinement.

Core Ministry Team Video No. 5

An overview of what's happening with the podcast specifically focusing on guided prayers and meditations as the soul of the podcast. The focus of the Invitation is not merely thinking about prayer, but actually practicing prayer.

Hope College Worship Team Alum Connect Video No.

This video is intended for alum of the Hope College Worship Team '06-'13. Here I explain how the tables have turned. At one time I auditioned you to join the worship ministry. Now I'm asking you to audition me, to see if you can help me discern the fittedness of my gifts for the church.