Ruth Haley Barton at the Dominican Center Part II No. 37 / by Joshua Banner

This Part II of my conversation with Ruth Haley Barton is the Q & A session. Most of those who ventured out on that snowy night in January 2019 were in positions of leadership of churches or nonprofits. The core question of our whole conversation that began in Part I is fleshed out in more detail: how do we translate contemplative, transformative spirituality for our respective organizations and communities?

I offer a guided meditation after the recorded conversation that has two sections. The first section is a meditation on your desire: how badly you want more of God and what is the next step for you in your journey. The second section is for those who are seemingly adrift having had to go outside the safety of your community to find God in solitude.

This conversation with Ruth is made possible by the Dominican Center, a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids, MI. As a result of the positive feedback on the last episode, No. 36 with Ruth, the Dominican Center and the Invitation are continuing with more collaborations with four more similar public events for the Fall of 2019 and Winter/Spring of 2020. If you would like to recommend a teacher, author, spiritual director, and practitioner to be featured in one of these events, please send me an email:

Thanks for listening and being involved!

Peace & Love of Christ to you!